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Aiken Pulmonary Associates
68 Physician Drive
Aiken, South Carolina 29801
(803) 643-1090

Welcome to AikenPulmonary.com

The simple act of drawing a breath is something that many people cannot take for granted. Asthma, Lung Disease, Emphysema, Sleep Apnea and a host of other breathing problems and disorders affect the lives of countless people each and every day.  These diseases and disorders are addressed by the field of pulmonology.

Such serious health problems require serious care, and Aiken Pulmonary Associates excel in the treatment of these problems and many more. Aiken and it's surrounding communities are fortunate to have Drs. Nicholas J. Sanito and Miroslav B. Zotovic to aid those who find that simply breathing isn't so simple after all.

To find out how to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians, click here.

  Dr. Sanito and Dr. Zotovic and the staff of Aiken Pulmonary Associates are glad that you are viewing this web site and you are either a patient, considering becoming our patient or have an interest in what we do here.  This web site is intended to introduce you to this practice, provide you with lots of information that may ease some of your uncertainty before you visit us in person for the first time, and keep you up-to-date on "stuff" going on in our office. Please browse this web site and learn more about what we do here, such as:

• We treat patients regardless of insurance coverage or financial status, and our physicians are participating providers with many insurance plans.  To learn more, click here.

• Our physicians have admitting privileges at Aiken Regional Medical Centers and see patients daily in our facility at 68 Physician Drive on the ARMC campus.

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